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Your logistic needs are the heart of our business, whether you need to move the most complex cargo across continents, or even the smallest of consignments, NorthPort’s Logistics Air Cargo Services is for you. With our seamless quotation procedure, and the team of industry experts specializing in Air Freight or Air Cargo Services we can offer reasonable pricing and space allocation agreements. We deliver on-time shipments, thanks to NorthPort’s widespread global network, service routes and key gateways.

Our goal is to partner with you to accomplish your logistics solutions, helping you manage your logistics charges by providing the solutions that matter to your business. NorthPort Logistics allows a number of options from custom reporting, shipment visibility and state of the art security.

NorthPort Logistics offers a wide range of options-from expedited and consolidated flights to delayed flights. Our authorities listen and understand the challenges in today’s global market place and guarantee custom solutions for all our partners.

The processes, procedures, and protocols of the air transportation industry have not traditionally been easy to navigate, as you will know if you ever used the services of an air freight forwarder.

Now there's an easy way to get an air freight shipping quote, make bookings, meet compliance requirements, and get your goods into the air without hassle—and if you're a first-time transporter, you never need to come face-to-face with those traditional intricacies.

NorthPort Logistics provides

A simple online form to request your first air freight quote.

A number of air freight global shipping routes at your disposal.

Real-time air freight tracking and notifications to keep you updated on shipment progress.

Airport-to-airport and air freight door to door shipping services.

Transparent air freight rates, broken down to show you exactly what you are paying for.

A customer support team to assist you when your air-cargo needs are more intricate.

Online compliance engine makes it easy to generate shipping documents and complete them precisely.

Save time, money, and administration effort when you procure and manage air cargo services.